Le TCX représente parfaitement l’évolution technique des vélos de cyclocross modernes. A la pointe de l’innovation, le TCX correspond parfaitement à cette discipline où les moindres avantages vous guident vers la victoire : Nouvelle géométrie, bases asymétriques, rigidité du train avant renforcée, freins à disques, guide chaîne.

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Engineered for the beautiful chaos of cyclocross racing, this composite flyer helps you keep your cool when conditions get wild. Its Advanced-grade composite frame makes it easier to power up steep climbs, shoulder the bike for barriers and run-ups, and rail descents in sand, mud or ice. It has the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance, and the D-Fuse composite seatpost helps absorb shocks and vibrations—so you can float through ruts and washboard bumps, and stay fresh for the final lap. Integrated disc brakes with flat mounts and thru-axles help boost control, and its Tubeless Ready Giant WheelSystem makes it easy to enjoy the advantages of tubeless tires including a smoother ride quality, less rolling resistance and a reduced risk of flats.


2020 TCX Advanced with interactive tooltips


Advanced Composite
Système de Serrage Tige de Selle Intégrée
Tubeless System

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